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What is apparatus pilates?

Apparatus pilates was designed to help accelerate the process of stretching, strengthening, body alignment and increased core strength started by the Mat work. There are 3 main pieces of apparatus that we use in our studio:  The Reformer, Chair and Tower. 



The  Reformer


This is probably the most popular, and famous piece of Pilates Apparatus. It offers the most dramatic results. It looks like a bed (Joseph’s first reformers had clawed feet like those found on beds of his time) with a flat carriage on top that moves backwards and forwards within its frame. It has a headrest and shoulder rest for when the client is laying down. The carriage is on rollers and is attached to springs that offer different levels of resistance.  Whether they are lying down, standing, sitting or kneeling, the client has to push and pull these springs with their arms and legs, which are often inserted into long straps

attached to the back end of the reformer. The reformer can train many parts of the body dynamically and it's wonderful for increasing flexibility, building strength, improving balance and increasing bone density.  A jumpboard is attached for jumpboard classes, which further challenges the core, increases body strength and elevates the heart rate. Classes run one hour long and can be combined with mat and tower. Limited to five people.



The Chair


Also known as the wunda chair, this machine was inspired by the equipment used to train Chinese acrobats and circus performers!  It basically looks like a wooden box, with a large, split pedal that can be pressed down against the resistance of the springs attached to it. Clients sit, stand, lay and kneel on it or stand to one of its sides to challenge various parts of their body.  It offers a deep intense workout by improving strength, stability and flexibility.  It also helps correct imbalances, refines movement and provides variety and a challenge to those who are already taking reformer and mat classes. You will feel EVERY muscle in your core working while exercising on the chair. Classes run one hour long and are often combined with mat work. Be prepared to sweat!  Limited to four people.



The Tower


The Tower is basically half of a Cadillac or trapeze table. Each of our reformers have a vertical frame attached to the back that consist of an assortment of springs and attachments, like the push-through bar, roll back bar and leg and arm springs. The reformers convert to a flat table so that clients can utilize the attachments for a fun and effective workout. Classes are typically combined with mat work and a multitude of exercises using the tower. Tower classes are great for beginners and add a greater challenge to simple floor exercises. They are perfect for improving range of motion, correcting imbalances, building long lean muscles and toning the body. Limited to five people.


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