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Enjoy private lessons, semi-private lessons or join one of our prenatal or postnatal group classes.

Most of the instructors at Georgie's are moms, so we know how good it feels to move your body while pregnant and after delivering your baby. But we also know that prenatal and postnatal bodies are unique and need special consideration when exercising.  We foster a warm, comfortable atmosphere for all women - regardless of your experience with Pilates! 

The Prenatal Body


We work to maintain the muscle tone of all pregnant clients, taking focus off the abdominal muscles in order to let them stretch to accommodate your baby.  We focus on supporting muscles in the hips, legs, buttocks and back to support your baby and keep you healthy and strong throughout your pregnancy. As your baby grows, important postural changes take place.  The pelvis tilts forward which causes most pregnant women to become very tight in their hip flexors.  We take care to stretch these tight areas on all pregnant women to keep you supple and strong!  You'll strengthen and engage the pelvic floor in preparation for childbirth and address deep breathing, both to relax and to prepare the body for labor and delivery.


The Postnatal Body


The postnatal body has just completed the unbelievable task of bringing a baby into the world and needs to be addressed with compassion and care.  We work to heal you from the inside out, focusing on tightening up your abdominal muscles and helping you find your waist again. Most postnatal women tend to round their shoulders forward in feeding or caring for their infants so we'll spend time opening up your chest and strengthening your back muscles to help prevent a sore back.  Each postnatal body is unique and we pride ourselves on customizing our lessons based on your body and how it's recovering from giving birth.  We'll work at your pace to get you back in shape so that you feel fit, strong and beautiful.

Postnatal Group Classes


We want to help you get back into shape!  But we also want to consider the amazing feat that your body just accomplished AND the fact that you are probably exhausted from taking care of an infant.  We'll help you find your waist again and engage muscles that were stretched and taxed during pregnancy.  We want to challenge you in this class but leave you feeling invigorated as well.  You'll also love the opportunity to meet with other new moms and share tips/advice!  Infants are welcome in strollers or car seats.


Six-week session: $180

Wednesdays at 12pm

Drop-ins: $35 (call to make a reservation!)

Private Lessons


These one-on-one lessons are taught by a certified Prenatal/Postnatal Pilates Specialist and they are completly customized to meet your particular needs. Babies are welcome - even the fussy ones! There's always someone around to hold him/her while you get your workout in. You will feel amazing when you're finished! 


Rates below are for both prenatal and postnatal classes.


Introduction Pack: 3 for $180

5 private lessons: $399

10 private lessons: $750

Single private lesson: $85

Semi-Private Lessons


Do you have a girlfriend who also just had a baby?  Bring her (and your babies!) along and we'll train both of you together. 






Rates below are for both prenatal and postnatal classes.


Introduction Pack: 3 for $135

5 semi-private lessons: $275

10 pack of semi-privates $500

Single semi-private lesson: $60 

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